False beliefs about psychology and psychologists

False beliefs about psychology and psychologist

Many false beliefs about psychology and psychologists are unfortunately popular among people. In this article, we are going to assess these false beliefs. This list may be updated in the future. To read more, click on each item.

باورهای نادرست درباره‌ی روان‌شناسی و روان‌شناس

Some false beliefs about psychology and psychologists:

  1. Psychology is not a scientific study
  2. Psychology is a simple and easy subject
  3. Psychology is general information
  4. Therapists are people with only a bachelor’s degree in psychology
  5. Therapists earn money by only listening to people
  6. Therapists can treat people by telling them a few words
  7. Psychologist knows people better than they know themselves
  8.  Clinical psychology is the most important branch of psychology.
  9.  Psychoanalysis and counseling are separated from psychology.
  10. Psychiatry is more valuable than psychology.
  11. People should visit a psychiatrist instead of a psychologist.
  12. Therapy is an overnight process.
  13. Psychologists have no difficulties in their own life.
  14. Psychologists are crazy.
  15. People who visit psychologists are crazy. Psychologists are there only for the insane.
  16. Marrying or becoming friends with a psychologist is a mistake. 

Correcting false beliefs about psychology and psychologists:

Psychology a science

As mentioned before, psychology is a field of science and it follows all empirical methods. Experimental and correlational methods can also be used. Psychology is repeatable and its discoveries can be used in prediction.

Psychology is not a simple subject

Everyone can speak their mother tongue, but it is not easy to learn grammar. People can search about theoretical psychology on the internet, but learning psychology is not that simple and it needs proper education.

Psychology is not general information

Some people believe that everyone is aware of the fundamentals of psychology; and psychologists are there to remind us of these fundamentals, but that’s not true. Psychologists have been investigating and researching for years to

discover the correlation between behavior and mental process. None of these theories and approaches are the result of a simple lecture. It took years of research and effort to find the truth and form a fundamental theory.

For instance, let’s consider the Milgram experiment. People believe that when an order conflicts with personal consciousness, people won’t obey the order, but the Milgram experiment showed the effects of authority on obedience. So people have a strong tendency to comply with authority figures and obey them.

Therapists are people with only a bachelor’s degree in psychology

Although students are taught the fundamentals of psychology in universities and are trained in addition to doing research and learning about investigation, they cannot become therapists by just studying theories and methods.

Even if someone has a Ph.D. in psychology, they still need special training to become experienced. what’s more, therapists need to Earn counseling certifications and licenses.

Psychologists don’t earn money by only listening to you

Psychologists do more than sitting on a chair and talking to you while you are lying on the sofa. They sit next to you and listen to you so that they get to know you and your story, your difficulties, failures, challenges, and everything that is bothering you. And this is where the real work begins; identifying the disorders and treating them. This is how they earn money.

Therapists can’t treat people with only some words.

Psychologists listen to you to discover your difficulties. They ask you questions to identify your challenges; this is how they can prepare recommendations for you. But this is not the end. Treatment requires more than just a few words unless we are doing magic, more than just a few words is needed for treatment. The various psychological approaches such as CBT, cognitive therapy, and psychoanalysis.

Does a psychologist know people better than they know themselves?

I have been asked this question several times. What kind of person am I?

I am not a witch so I cannot provide an answer. No one, not even psychologists can know you unless you start talking about yourself or provide some test results of a personality test, they can also watch and analyze your behavior! As you know, the science of psychology studies behavior and mental process. A psychologist can perceive your difficulties and assist by sitting down and having a therapy session with you.

Clinical psychology is not the most important branch of psychology

None of the branches outclasses others. Each branch is particular in its it is wrong to assume that clinical psychology outclasses social psychology or that experimental psychology is better than political psychology.

Im not wizard, Im just a psychologist

Psychoanalysis and counseling are not separated from psychology

Although some assume that these two are separated from psychology, Psychoanalysis and counseling are subfields in psychology. Counseling is considered as a separate field in a few countries. American Psychological Association(A.P.A) clearly states that Psychoanalysis and counseling are subfields in psychology.

Psychiatry is not more valuable than psychology

Psychiatry and psychology are two separate and equally-valuable fields of study. Psychologists diagnose, predict, and treat mental disorders. Psychiatrists use medicine to treat mental disorders. Therefore, these two seek different forms of treatment and they are equally important.

Do not visit a psychiatrist instead of a psychologist

Some believe that psychiatrist is more specialized that psychologists and are more willing to visit a psychiatrist in order to treat mental disorders. As mentioned earlier, this is not true! So which one should we visit first? First, visit a psychologist so that they can diagnose challenges and difficulties and help you with treatment. If someone is struggling with mental disorders, a psychologist utilizes methods to help them, if needed, a psychiatrist interferes to prescribe medicine. In a few cases, the patient only requires medication. So it is suggested to visit a psychologist first, they will inform you with mere honesty whether you need medication or not.

Therapy is not an overnight process

Psychologists first try to diagnose difficulties and challenges and then choose methods for treatment. The number of sessions needed to treat someone depends on various factors. To estimate the number of therapy sessions required, the disorders must be diagnosed and the methods must be chosen by the psychologist.

Psychologists face challenges and difficulties in their own lives

Psychologists don’t live a dream life; they face challenges like every other human being. They deal with rage, anxiety, stress, and fear because they are human. They live like other people. Only some gods are believed to have 100% over their own life and others!

Psychologists are not insane

Every point of view needs to be assessed and of possibly experimented. No study has even shown that psychologists are insane. This is why we have added this statement as a false belief. If a doctor treats plague doesn’t mean that he is also infected. In fact, he will be infected only if he does not pay attention to sanitation. Psychologists are not insane either. If they get emotional and maybe lose control, they might deal with depression and anxiety.

People who seek therapy are not insane and psychologists are not mentally ill

In the past, some people used to believe that psychologists only treat people who deal with insanity. Now that people know what a psychologist is, they can visit them and talk about all sorts of ongoing challenges (like depression, anxiety, learning disabilities). Almost everyone deals with one or more of these challenges, so it is convincingly sane to visit a psychologist.

Deciding on dating or becoming friends with a psychiatrist is often a good choice.

Psychologists do not treat their friends and family members the way they treat their patients, psychologist can be good friends, because they know how to react when people get angry. They are empathetic, trustworthy and good listeners. They know how to react to different situations therefore they are dependable.

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