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how to Think and Act Rationally in Spite of Life’s Inevitable Hassles

We deal with procrastination on a daily basis. From a psychological point of view, laziness is a pervasive behavior. We all have experienced moments of procrastination especially when we have a lot to do. We convince ourselves, we find reasons to delaying a task or decision. You might even find it hard to finish this article! But why do we procrastinate?  

If Reading a book full of words and not colorful images seems hard to you, try reading this book to learn how to deal with procrastination (put up with this one, you won’t find it hard anymore) 

In my opinion, you don’t need to spend a lot of willpower to defeat laziness. you just need to learn how to deal with different types of it. The book is a guide to becoming a Hercule so that you can defeat the dragon. 

 Don’t Procrastinate. Read This

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