National Hug Day: The benefits of hugging and cuddling


If you explore your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter timeline, you will see the hashtag #NationalHugDay. Hugging day might be a simple thing and might indicate some feelings, but hugging is an outstanding and valuable process from a psychological point of view. If you are an adult, you will remember an in-love couple hugging each other by hearing the hug word. Let’s go back to an earlier time. The first hug which each person experiences is the mother’s hug. So, the initial interaction of every newborn with others for the first time is done by hugging.

Some parents believe that hugging children, makes them spoiled, however, it’s not true. Based on the psychoanalysis point of view, hugging is one of the first needs of newborns, and ingratiating this need, leads to pleasure. If you avoid hugging your babies, they will become more spoiled as it can make children timid and distrustful in their adulthood. We have figured out that hugging is so valuable even in the first days of life and it keeps its value until death.

Many researchers about the influence of hugging and cuddling have been conducted. For instance, researchers have figured out that hugging releases the oxytocin hormone in the body. Another research has indicated that hugging increases dopamine (a neurotransmitter).

The benefits of hugging and cuddling

Hugging has many benefits:

It reduces stress and anxiety and balances the nervous system. It prevents insomnia. It reduces fear. It increases self-confidence. It indicates friendly and amorous feelings toward others. It balances heart rates. It reduces depression symptoms. It increases empathy. It is the best way to make up and pacifying. It decreases aggression.

If you have not hugged anyone today, hurry up! Your parents, spouse, and children need your hugs.

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