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Time management strategies on twitter

Time Management Solutions on Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites all around the world. People write about different things on twitter daily, including their private life, their friends, etc. Social networking sites make it possible for people to interact with each other. Though social interaction has positive effects on humans, there is a limit to everything because it can lead to addiction, addiction to the internet. Addiction is one of the main reasons to learn how to manage time on social networking sites and how to get out of the loop. 

Time management is the ability to use time effectively. Learning time management helps us use our time effectively and make dreams come true.  In this article, we will discuss some time management strategies.

مدیریت زمان در توییتر

Time management for Twitter

1. Avoid being useless

Some twitter addicts tell me that “I spend hours on twitter for no reason, I don’t even tweet. I only read tweets and press the like button, I get carried away.” Such users are used to being online. They don’t use twitter for doing something, they use twitter because they think they should be online. The best solution is to instantly close the app after ten minutes of “only reading”. Don’t allow a social networking app to control you.

2. Create a schedule

We do a variety of things 24 hours a day, so if we use twitter for consecutive hours we can not reach our valuable daily goals. Creating a schedule can help. Plan “5 to 10 minutes twitter breaks” every hour, and when the time is over, log out or close the app. This may seem short, but it is “120 minutes/2 hours” of twitter time every day. Reducing twitter time helps you manage your time and be useful on Twitter.

3. Limit the feed

Do you find every twit that appears in your timeline useful? If not, you need to consider taking a few steps to get a better timeline. Use the “mute” option to mute people without unfollowing them. This way you won’t get their tweets on your precious timeline you will get better and fewer tweets.

4. Don’t like everything

The like button is designed to make remark tweets you genuinely liked. You are not a robot so stop hitting the like button on every tweet. Just like the ones you genuinely liked.  if you assume that hitting the like button notifies people that you have read their tweets, this is what I have to tell you: “When something is relatively scarce — it becomes more precious and more valuable and people will become happier when they get it.”

5. Tweet meaningfully

Twitter users(like any other social networking site) like to be followed by more people/be more popular. Some assume that tweeting more often might attract other users, is that true? If we take a look at some popular users we can see that they don’t tweet that often, they sometimes tweet only once a day! I recommend that you only tweet about stuff you care or know about quality over quantity. Tweeting about you losing your socks or being bored won’t get much twitter engagement.

Do you any other strategy? Let us know in the comment section!

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