Why successful people wear the same thing every day

Why successful people wear the same thing every day

What is the secret of dressing modestly and wearing the same clothes as prominent people? Have you ever thought about the time you spend choosing clothes to wear every day? Do you start dressing up an hour earlier when you want to go to work or a party? Why do some successful people around the world wear simple clothes? What is the secret to that?

“Deciding what to wear” is a challenge for many people, especially when they want to go out or meet someone. They have trouble finding something suitable and fit to wear. Various caricatures show a girl opening her wardrobe full of clothes but nagging about having nothing to wear.

I don’t mean fashion is worthless. Fashion can be involved in culture, art, and beauty. We can say the most important aim of fashion is to make us neater and tidier. So, we can interact with others in a better way and imprint on them. If we look at singers and actors, we will see that most of them are trying to attract people’s attention to themselves with high-priced and precious clothing. Models, singers, and actors are prominent people, and some try to copy them.

In contrast, there is another group of prominent people who wear surprisingly simple clothing. Once a friend said: I wonder why Steve Jobs does not wear expensive clothes. There is a chance he might be a miser. I told him that it has nothing to do with being a miser; that’s his style. He has been dressing like this for a long time. That’s not the case.

Some other successful people like Mark Zuckerberg, Albert Einstein, etc. also dressed modestly for years. If we take a look at Einstein’ hair, we will understand he was the untidiest scientist in the world

If we take a look at Einstein's hair we will say that he was the most ardent scientist in the world.

Albert Einstein, a prominent scientist, had several suits of the same type

You may have heard that he had a simple life and was inattentive to the clothes he wore. one day, his friend asked him: professor!why don’t you buy new clothes? He smiled and replied: “What for? everyone knows who I am”. After several months, his friend met Einstein in another city, he noticed the famous jacket and humorously asked: “Did you wear your leather jacket again!?” He answered: “It doesn’t matter. Nobody knows me here.”

Why successful people wear the same thing every day

Steve Jobs, founder of the famous company “Apple” dressed the same in front of the camera and people over the years. As I mentioned, he wore the same black shirts and blue jeans for years.he said he has 100 of these shirts.

Mark Zuckerberg always t-shirts simple gray presentation alone

You often see Mark Zuckerberg, founder, and chief executive officer of Facebook, wearing simple t-shirts. Time magazine named him the most unattractive and the most bad-looking person around the world. He appeared wearing blue jeans and Adidas slippers on the BBC channel.

Barack Obama always wears a gray or blue suit

Barack Obama always wears grey or blue suits. He says: “I try to make fewer decisions. I do not want to make decisions about what I eat or what I wear; to make more important decisions.”

He is right. Obama, as the president of the U.S, should make decisions that affect millions of people. So in his case, it is ridiculous to talk about the color and the fabric of suits. Many politicians prefer the same simple clothing, for instance, John Kerry and Stalin.

Let’s get back to the first question again:

Why do some famous people always wear the same clothes?

I am going to respond to this question as a psychologist. The prominent and successful who have a strong influence on our lives should make valuable decisions in their lives. These people plan every second of their lives. As a result, they avoid wasting time.

Money does not buy happiness

Money does not bring you happiness and serenity. However, poverty can lead to depression. Money is a tool for providing financial needs. Shopaholics visit a psychologist more than others, and they are deeply upset about not enjoying their lives. The main reason originates from being excessively prodigal. A shopaholic buys everything they seem to like; over time, they start looking for something more impeccable. They pursue perfectionism, so they buy more and more, but nothing seems satisfying enough. Some people like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs are wealthy and buy precious objects, but they do not become enslaved by those things. You’d better know the probability of getting OCD among those who are strict with selecting clothes and look for perfectionism is more than others.

The human body is noble with a human soul***This Beautiful cloth is not the sign of Humanity

Saadi’s beautiful poem tells us that people’s value depends on his life and notion, not what he wears. People who are well-known in the world do not need to affect others by their styles and clothing. We are drawn to their manners and achievements. We should observe our surroundings. Which one are we more drawn to? Einstein’s principals, Steve Jobs’s work, Mark Zuckerberg’s intelligence, Justin Bieber’s videos, and Nicki Minaj’s clothing? Success is not about popularity.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

This famous Da Vinci quote had a huge impact on Steve Jobs’ life. We perceive simplicity not only in the way he dresses but also in Apple accessories. 

Should we wear the same clothes every day, too?

If you assume that wearing the same clothes is the path to success, you are wrong. It is a choice that can make it easier to achieve your dreams, but it’s not all it takes to get there!  Working hard, overcoming procrastination, and finally being able to flourish your talents, these are the keys to success.  

If you want to wear the same clothes every day and copy leading people, you should know that there is more to success. You’d better throw away your clothes and put 10 identical suits in your wardrobe after you have learned the skills mentioned above.

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